Kitchen Design


From needing a new spatula to needing an entire kitchen design, NRS is truly a one stop shop. The service industry is an ever-present and continually expanding segment of our economy and we’re constantly upgrading our services to follow suit. We provide consults and designs for every sector of the food service industry including restaurants, clubs, universities, stadiums, military/government, correctional, retirement, healthcare, etc. Our professionals have the knowledge and experience to quickly and efficiently fulfill your needs. From inception to maintenance and growth, let NRS be your partner.


Design Services:

At the heart of every successful endeavor is a great plan. Whether you know what you want or are starting with a blank slate, our team is trained to see not only the most effective way to reach your goals, but the most efficient as well. All great service companies know that cost effectiveness is not an option, but a requirement and we keep that at the center of our focus.


After consulting with you to understand everything from your concept and menu to your desired aesthetic, we’ll marry your vision with a sensible and focused design concept then equip it with the right tools for the job. A service equipment plan can/will include a full compliment of electrical, plumbing and kitchen ventilation plans that allow you to get accurate information and competitive quotes from contractors and various trades. We’ll be with you through construction and installation to ensure that your vision comes to reality exactly as you’d planned.


Contact our design professionals today and let us know about your specific needs. There’s still no substitute for a conversation to help all parties fully understand the potential and subsequent reality of a great idea.


To get started, email Francisco Limas at [email protected] today.

Sample Kitchen Drawing
Sample Kitchen Drawing